Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lovely Wedding Gown options

Many brides are thinking more about comfort as they walk down the aisle. After all, you're going to be in that dress for at least 3 hours straight. Why not pick something that not only flatters, but allows movement and comfort.

That's where J. Crew's wedding line come in.

Since 2004, J. Crew has been offering an online bridal line. Their clothes are known for their class and comfort, and this follows into their bridal line as well.

Current prices range from approx. $2200.00 to under $300.00. Each dress has a lovely, simple line, lending itself perfectly for any embellishment you might want to add. Choose a $300.00 dress, pay a seamstress a bit extra for some hand embellishment, and you've got a gorgeous, unique gown. Don't go overboard with the embellishments though. These gowns are made to be simplistically gorgeous.

Additionally, what bridesmaid wouldn't love to choose one of their bridesmaid's gowns. Pick a color and allow them to choose the style or choose the style and allow them to pick the color. Either way, your bridesmaid's will be thrilled. And they are certain to wear them again!


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