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::::{2007 Wedding Trends}::::

The Knot recently came out with their wedding trends for 2007.

I was curious as to any other trends out there, so I researched around the web and scoured articles for other tips and trends for the new year. Some are trends carrying over from the fall wedding season. Others are fresh and new.

Bouquets with jewels: Weddings always include beautiful jewelry. Now those jewels are being added to the bouquets, too. Again, these details can be subtle, or attention-getting.

Friday night weddings - not only can you find great rates for Friday nights (though probably not for long, as the trend moves forward), but it sets the tone for a weekend event.

A lot of couples are making a weekend or week-long event out of their weddings. With friends and family coming in from out-of-town, couples are planning events that proceed the wedding, or continue the day after.

Cupcake trees/towers - depending on your wedding style, these can range from quaint to over-the-top gorgeous. With the elaborate styles that some bakers are creating, these are no longer just being used because they are a "cheaper alternative."

Shades of Blue and Brown: a carryover from last year, blues and brown are still a gorgeous choice. And depending on the shades chosen, this color combination can be used no matter what style of wedding you have planned. Look for hues such as turquoise, powder blue, cornflower blue, denim, alice blue (a very pale, yet striking, shade)and robin's egg blue paired with hues of brown such as medium taupe, raw umber, sepia and chocolate.

Shades of Brown and Pink: another carryover is this modern, yet classy, color combo. It harkens back to the 80's, which is a style that has come back with an updated twist. Consider shades of coral, salmon, hot pink and puce paired with chocolate, raw umber, sepia or any shade of taupe.

"Punches" of color: a colored sash on the wedding dress, a design element on the invitations. Choosing a bright color for your wedding doesn't have to mean you have to hand out sunglasses to your guests. If you want to add a punch of color, use hints of the color you are considering in small ways (a ribbon tied around the bouquet handle, as a table runner at the reception)

Jewel Tones: a new trend for those brides wanting something that is not a carryover, is bold jewel tones such as rich purple, red, gold and orange.


Color in wedding gowns: this trend is slowing making its way from Europe. Look for it gain momentum. If your not ready to let go of your dream of a white gown, consider a colored sash.

Back of the dress details: deep-v backs, special embroidery and other details are being paid to the back of the wedding dress.

Viennese Tables: (also known as dessert tables) various desserts, ranging from cookies to truffles to chocolate fondue. Traditional family desserts make a nice touch for the table too.

Letting the bridesmaid choose: we all know someone who (or are ourselves) are stuck with a bridesmaid's dress that never saw the light of day once we quickly shed it for something more flattering, after (or even before) we left the reception. Another carryover trend is either choosing a style and letting the bridesmaids choose a color that suits their complexion, or choosing a color and/or length and letting the bridesmaids choose the style.

Donations to charity: instead of handing out matchbooks or boxes of chocolate, some couples are making donations in guests names. Additionally, some couples are asking for donations made to charity in lieu of presents.

Asking quests - beforehand - what to play at the reception: one reason people don't dance at weddings? They aren't interested in the music. While it is your day, remember your guests, and incorporate what they like. Afterall, you want them to feel welcomed.

Order of the Day cards: like a "mini-itenerary", these cards let everyone know when and what will be taking place from the beginning of the ceremony to the end of the reception. Also included would be any information regarding things which not all guests may understand (ie: jumping the broom, or breaking the glass etc.)

Wedding "logos": another trend from Europe headed this way, is having a logo designed that goes on everything from the save-the-date cards to the napkins to the cake toppers (another returning trend) to the "just married" sign on the car.

Glamour and elegance: it doesn't have to be a big affair to be either of these... but expect to see candelabras with flowers draping off, designer table linens (rather than just standard white) with punches of color thrown in by the napkins, pillar candles or table runners. Touchy-feely fabrics (such as leather and suede) are also making their way into the decorating. Subtle touches are added to stationery, centerpieces and trim.

Groom's cake: a mainstay at Southern weddings, this trend is headed north. Be sure you understand it though, before you go pick one out. It is traditionally chocolate, and boxed and given to guests as they leave. A nice touch is to incorporate a hobby of the groom's into the cake. Consider using it as a centerpiece on the dessert table, or feature it at the rehearsal dinner.

Square tables: gives the room a clean, modern feel.

Forgoing the garter and bouquet toss: who wants to be singled out for this anyway?

In ending this list, I will say that no matter what the trends, choose according to what YOU like. Choose unique or subtle ways to incorporate these trends - but only if you like them. Don't feel pressured to choose what doesn't feel like it fits you and your style. The success of your marriage doesn't rest on following trends to be perfect, and neither should your wedding.


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  2. Lovely Blog.After the knot revelaed the wedding trends for 2007, I have also been looking up the net and putting down some ideas in my lil space. Do peep in and lemme know how you like it.


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